Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dojo Boys series to be released by Ai Press

The five books of the Dojo Boys series coming soon to Ai Press’s Tokyo Beat
Last year (2012) I self-published the initial five books of my Pulp Yaoi series, Dojo Boys. I started writing the story as an online serial for a yaoi site and when it was completed, I had no idea what to do with the manuscripts. A friend, who had started out writing for an online site but had taken the next step and was a published author several times over, suggested I try self-publishing them. Always up for new challenges, I checked out Amazon, entered the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing ) waters and published my books
Wow, I thought, I’ve published my books, I’m an author. Little did I know I would be reediting and revising them repeatedly, as unfortunately no one suggested that perhaps I have an editor take a look at the original manuscripts and since I’d never written for publication before, well, let’s just say I had some things to learn.
After some trial and error, I located a fantastic editor, who helped me understand that with some hard revisions and reediting, the books would be much, um, better. And so I spend the final months of 2012  and up until a month ago, revamping my original efforts and learning a hell of a lot about how to improve my writing.

After restructuring the entire series, I wanted to find a home for the series; a place where others besides those in my small readership could find the books and a place that catered to their yaoi-styled content. I researched and discovered Ai Press. I liked them because their MM Romance collection and the site had an Asian styling which worked for the yaoi content of my work. Later I realized that the publisher who ran it was none other than one of my favorite authors, Sedonia Guillone of the Men of Tokyo series. 
Mustering up my courage to approach her with my little series, took some doing and  a lot of encouragement from my author friends. But last month I submitted the first two Volumes  of the series, "Dragon and Crow" and was oh so happy to hear back, that Ai was very interested in publishing them. I was also asked if the rest of the series had a home, as they were interested in carrying the entire series, if I would like.
Needless to say I was ecstatic, especially when I learned that my books would be placed in their yaoi section, Tokyo Beat. A couple of days ago, I signed the contracts and sometime this 2013 year, the books will be rereleased by AI PRESS.

So if you are looking to purchase any of the Dojo Boys series now, you won’t find them, as I've removed them from Amazon. But be patient; soon they will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo and will be formatted for iPad, Nook, Kindle and countless other e-readers.
 I'll be announcing the dates for their rerelease and you can pick up a spanking new totally revised version of the sexy, action-adventure, Pulp Yaoi series.

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